Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Strategic Plan

1. Academic Excellence

Goal: To offer a world-class MSc in Mathematics and Statistics program that prepares students for success in the field.


  • Develop and regularly update a cutting-edge curriculum that reflects current mathematical trends and applications.
  • Promote research excellence among faculty and students, including the publication of high-impact research papers and presentations at conferences.
  • Establish a system for ongoing assessment and improvement of teaching methods and learning outcomes.

2. Inclusivity and Diversity

Goal: To create an inclusive and diverse learning environment.


  • ¬†Increase diversity among faculty and students, with a focus on underrepresented and marginalized groups irrespective of caste and creed.
  • Implement inclusive teaching practices and create a supportive learning environment for all students.
  • Establish scholarship and mentorship programs to support students from diverse backgrounds.

3. Research and Innovation

Goal: To be a center for cutting-edge research and innovation in Mathematics and Statistics.


  • Encourage faculty to explore innovative teaching and research methods and technologies.
  • Promote research activities among faculty and students.
  • Develop interdisciplinary collaborations with other departments to foster research and teaching innovation.
  • Establish a Mathematics and Statistics research centre with interdisciplinary applications.
  • Create a corpus fund for research and innovation projects within the department.

4. Partnerships / Collaborations

Goal: To build strong partnerships / collaborations with Governmental and Non Governmental agencies for internships, projects, and job placements.


  • Foster partnerships with local industries and other organizations to provide students with real-world applications of Mathematics and Statistics.
  • Establish internship programs and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Facilitate collaboration on interdisciplinary research projects and establish linkages with national and international agencies.

5. Infrastructure and Technology

Goal: To provide facilities and technology resources.


  • Upgrade and maintain classrooms and computer labs with ICT tools.
  • Explore the talent of students in mathematical and statistical software’s for data analysis in a data driven world.
  • Ensure a reliable and high-speed internet connection to explore the benefits of emerging areas of data science and data analytics.
  • Provide access to a well-equipped library and online resources.

6. Support Professional Development

Goal: To provide facilities and support for professional development through industry academia collaboration


  • Provide regular professional development opportunities for faculty to enhance teaching and research skills.
  • Offer career development support for students, including internship opportunities and guidance for pursuing further education.
  • Establish a system for program assessment and evaluation.
  • Establish a system for regular performance evaluations and feedback for faculty and staff.
  • Adapt the curriculum to address emerging trends in Mathematics and Statistics and related areas.
  • Seek accreditation and recognition from relevant professional bodies nationally and internationally.

7. Financial Sustainability

Goal: To ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the school.

  • Develop a diversified revenue model, including tuition, grants, and donations.
  • Seek external funding opportunities for research and program development.
  • Provide consultancy services for external agencies, government, NGO’s, society and scientific bodies.